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June 27
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Name: Sano Katsuhiro
Nickname: Katsu / Katsudon / Bakatsu 
Gender: Male
Weight: 75 kg / 165.3 lb
Birthday: December 21st
Blood type: O
Height: 172.7 cm / 5'8 in  
Age: 16
Grade: First Year
Club: Archery / Soccer Club


Charismatic | Athletic | Stubborn | Energetic | Overbearing | SHOUNEN-HATO!! | Easily flustered | Gluttonous 

Katsuhiro is somewhat of a crow-type character; he sees something he wants and he will get it by his own means. He finds school-life to be full of opportunities around every corner and rather than taking a seat back and observing other people, he endeavours to be active as possible. Even at the most obscure of events, he is willing to take the wheel and slam onto the gas pedal(he actually knows how to drive but don't let anyone know psst dangerous teenagers on the roads). Danger and difficulty excite him when he comes across a problem and despite the possibility of being scathed or an injury coming his way, he views it more as a learning opportunity-- and he adds it to his list of "LIFE DECISIONS I WOULDN'T WANT ANYONE ELSE TO ENDURE".  

Among his friends, he's seen as quite the eater-- yet with the amount of energy he outputs into his actions, he has been able to build muscle and strength beyond most of his friends (or all of them- he hasn't armwrestled them all but for the most part he has won!). Odd looking "delicacies" are no match for his hunger. Despite being labelled as a pig by some, he is quite generous to others when it comes to food because to Katsuhiro,"food is more delicious when you're appreciating it with other people." 

Despite being such an uppity character, Katsuhiro lacks words. He's unable to entirely convey his feelings through his speech and tries desperately to make up for it with his actions. He still has much growing left to do and it frustrates him to no end when he's misunderstood. He's easy to anger and definitely not afraid to use his fists to make a point.


Sports | Food | *****(I swear to god it isn't porn) | New sports equipment | Travelling | Adventure | Feeling the burn | Manga/Anime | Learning | Honor | Fighting


Disrespect | Burnt food | Being told that he's wrong | Broken tools | Broken equipment | Sitting still | Being Cold | A lack of modesty


Born fighting out of his own mother's womb, Katsuhiro would be labelled as a rather problematic child for his father; yet loved despite the circumstances. Shortly after being born into the world, Katsuhiro's mother Hana died due to being weakened from illness during the winter. Despite lacking a mother figure in his life, his father Takumi strived to raise Katsuhiro to be a son worthy of his mother's legacy. Being the runt among his friends, Katsuhiro had hoped to grow to be one of the towering figures among his social circles-- but he wouldn't get there by just sitting around. It was instilled into him that hard work was the true method towards happiness. Being a bystander was not an option.

Takumi and Hana originally lived in the city as physicians but the stress of the city life was too much for Katsuhiro's father without his wife no longer among them. Shortly after the funeral proceeded, Katsuhiro and his father moved to Koshu, his father's birthplace, to settle down and recollect themselves in the company of Katsuhiro's grandparents (Takumi's side). There in Koshu, Katsuhiro worked around the family winery and budded some life-long friendships. 

Katsuhiro has never once resented his father; how could he? The man was honorable and firm in his beliefs. As a son, he tried to the best of his ability to make sure that his father's efforts at instilling in him to try his best at life and put his all into everything would not go to waste. 

If you're going to believe in something, then stand firmly behind it, otherwise you'll just be like the rest.


Sakurai Yuuki: One of his first friends of Koshu(or of his life that he remembers)-- Yuuki used to be smaller than Katsuhiro himself but then he grew like a beanstalk and now Katsuhiro honestly just stares up at him like  "yo bro why" :iconhecryplz:. Due to Yuuki's passion for cooking, Katsuhiro would constantly find himself at Yuuki's table to gorge upon his food with the stomach of a demon. He did however, at one point hated Yuuki's entirety for a rather embarrassing misunderstanding between their triangle of friends.

(Father) Sano Takumi: The boss. The BOSSU. As humble yet unmoving the man is, Katsuhiro holds nothing but the utmost respect for him.

Kouya Chintasu: Chinatsun! His childhood crush(possibly still coughcough) and lifelong rival. She's his obstacle in most of his activities but he can't do anything but appreciate her for her efforts to give him a challenge. When he grew up much taller than her, he thought everything would be a breeze but man does she have spunk.

Additional Info

-SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPOOOOOOOOOOOOOTSUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what are girls don't look at me don't look at him
-He hides a six-pack underneath his clothing but he feels embarrassed being around everyone else.
-He doesn't understand what sex-appeal is.
-He really likes food.
-He'll eat anything you give him but he won't tell you if it's bad because he doesn't want to hurt your feelings.
-He has a secret garden.
-Sometimes he lets Chinatsun win.
-He's actually extremely studious so don't think he's all brawn no brains. The kid really wants to go back to the city to study to be a coach and make a lot of money to make his father's life comfortable when his father retires.
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